Event Proceeds

Since its inception during the 2011-2012 school year, the Innovation Celebration has raised $325,000+ to support CAPS. There isn’t a program at CAPS that has not received financial support from the Innovation Celebration. This list is not exhaustive, but it illustrates the types of programs that have been supported and the purchases that have been made with the event proceeds.

  • The most recent purchase is the Pediatric HAL® S2225, the world’s most advanced pediatric patient simulator. All medical strands students will interact with HAL throughout the course of the semester.
Medical Strand students practice skills in the simulation lab.
  • All engineering students have benefitted from the addition of a 2nd Techno-brand CNC Router.
Engineering students using the new Techno CNC Router.
  • Filmmaking, Digital Design & Photography and Multimedia Journalism students have been. Able to utilize a sound studio, camera equipment and drones purchased with Innovation Celebration proceeds.
  • Proceeds from the Innovation Celebration have covered the entry fees and travel expenses for 2 to 4 hackathons a year for Technology Solutions, Global Business and Innovate students.
  • Veterinary Medicine and Bioscience students have experienced large animal husbandry first-hand with the ongoing pig project that was funded by the Innovation Celebration.
  • The Innovation Celebration funds multiple (10+ a year) personal passion projects annually. Students request support for project equipment and materials and then the equipment remains at CAPS for future use. Project requests go through a formal process including a student presentation to a board of CAPS administration and instructors.
  • Recent projects include drones, research equipment for bioscience, and CAPStone projects in Medicine.